The Roy Orbison Experience - A Perfect Look-alike Sound-alike. Show Profile

Dressed all in black, Paul totally encapsulates the persona of Roy Orbison, leading you to believe that you actually are in the presence of this great icon.

Expertly arranged narrative voice-overs set the scene for the audience, and take them on a melancholy journey through Roy's eventful life.

Pauls soaring vibrato sends shivers down the spine of everyone in the room. He sings all the songs in the original key and uses the original arrangements.He is also the proud owner and player of a Black Gibson 335 Roy Orbison Signature Limited Edition Guitar.In fact Paul picked it up personally from the Gibson Guitar Factory in Memphis TN. His performance is so accurate that the audience are completely spellbound for the entire set. Having the voice is one thing, but this man has captured the essence of whom Roy Orbison was and can deliver every song in that shy, yet soulful way that we all associate with the legend. Roy Orbison sang behind dark glasses, and hardly spoke to his audience, so all he could rely on was his fabulous voice and sheer magnetism to draw the crowds into his spell. Paul, has captured this charisma and you can hear a pin drop when he is on stage. “Only the Lonely”, “Crying”, Pretty Woman” and “You Got it” are just a few of the classics performed in this truly memorable Roy Orbison Look-alike Sound-alike show.

There are very few Roy Orbison Look-alikes and Sound-alikes in this country and for that reason alone, the show is exceptionally popular. But what makes his different is that Paul Hopkins has everything. He is not just another Roy Orbison Look-alike Sound-alike, he has something very special.

Seeing is believing. Hearing is unbelievable. Don't miss this fantastic Roy Orbison Look-alike Sound-alike Show

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