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This is the most poignant and accurate tribute to the legendary “Big O” you are ever likely to see, performed by Paul Hopkins. This is not just another impersonator – this is someone who can bring Roy Orbison back to the stage, and to the hearts of his fans worldwide. This is "The Roy Orbison Experience"

Roy Orbison was a musical genius and prolific songwriter, and is still sorely missed. "The Roy Orbison Experience" gives you the chance to see what it might have been like to watch this great man in concert.

Paul Hopkins has performed worldwide with his Roy Orbison tribute show, in theatres, at corporate events, on prestigious cruise liners like the Queen Mary 2 and has appeared on BBC television and radio, all due to his remarkable talent. A more authentic & accurate Roy Orbison tribute will not be found.

Paul Hopkins has the voice, the look, the charisma… Paul Hopkins is the closet thing to Roy Orbison you will ever see

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Paul Hopkins “The Roy Orbison Experience” Sings “Pretty Woman” in the touring show “Return Of The Kings” Click Here

Paul Hopkins “The Roy Orbison Experience” Sings “Crying” with the house band. “Keeping It Live Showcase” Click Here


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